BEng(Hons) Product Design Engineering

Product Design Engineering or “PDE” brings together two cultures – the studio and creative environment of one of Europe’s leading art schools – the GSA, and the James Watt School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

If you can imagine bringing together your academic and creative abilities to design exciting and innovative products, then Product Design Engineering is the career path for you. PDE offer you a unique opportunity to gaining a Masters of Engineerng (MEng) or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) with honours and a foundation for a career as a design engineer.

The basic underlying approach for PDE is ‘core-explore’. The first three years of the studio programme at GSA are centred around core design project activities. The curriculum is designed to develop creativity, exploration and expression of ideas, and to build confidence in applying the PDE design process. You will be involved in a wide range of activities including design awareness and aesthetics, drawing and visualisation, model-making and prototyping. Skills in communication and project management are also developed.

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