Online Chat: Working on a portfolio


September 16


04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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Online Event

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The Glasgow School of Art

Chat with us online to ask questions about working by yourself on things to put in your portfolio

This is a series of events. We will hold one a week at differing time slots, focusing on different aspects of life as a student at GSA.

With the coronavirus pandemic interrupting school work, and making access to specialist equipment more difficult, many of you might be concerned about how to prepare a portfolio and how this will affect your chances of admission to art school.

This week’s chat will let you ask questions about the types or work you can do from home, things that help you demonstrate the qualities we look for in a portfolio but don’t necessarily need a lot of space or equipment to do.

So, if you have questions on:

– how to carry out and document research

– how to practise observational drawing

– what things in the house you can use to work with

– getting inspiration from the streets/ environment around your home

– how to develop these into a portfolio

then join our chat and we will hope to provide you with answers, ideas, confidence and inspiration.

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